Angela’s Theme


Sleepaway Camp (directed by Robert Hilzik 1983) has one of favorite hidden tracks in a movie. The song is called Angela’s Song and it is by Frankie Vinci. It is a short but danceable song that plays throughout the movie. Frankie Vinci made up the song very quickly with a keyboard,  and drum machine This was one of three songs he made for the whole soundtrack of Sleepaway Camp. This song is totally everything I love about the 80’s because when you listen to it you can have some major 80’s flashback vibes!

Frankie Vinci was quoted on the site where the inspiration of the three songs came from:

When I sang the 3 songs I was trying to channel David Bowie. Euro rock music was big in the 80’s, so I was inspired to keep the songs fresh with a Euro vibe. I’m not sure I came close to a Bowie vocal but I guess it worked in its own way. The 3 songs may sound sonically inferior to today’s digital recordings but the heart of “Angela’s Theme” is the eerie notes in the intro and the overall vibe. The Yamaha keyboard’s bell sound actually adds to the creepy feel of the movie ending.” – Frankie Vinci (2015)

In 2015 Death Waltz Records released an 7 inch EP of Angela’s Theme. I was fortunate to grab a copy when it came out and it is one of most played records in my vinyl collection. IMG_4520

Below is a youtube link of the song: (Author’s note yes I listen to the youtube video like ten times already!!! 🙂 )

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Early morning thoughts …

A lot of weird but life re-looking things have happened to me the past couple of days. I believe in life certain people and dreams happen in your life. Even though it might not make sense at the time when it comes back in your mind and you think that was a sign. And that sign was meant for me. Sometimes things like this happens in a very oblivious way other times it take a while for you to get. But once you do don’t ignore them. Because they signs are there for a reason.

And they longer you avoid them or don’t validate them the stronger they appear until it’s too late.

Artist’s Spotlight: Barbarian Rage

This week’s Artist’s Spotlight is on  Scott Cherry (Barbarian Rage)

1. What made you want to get started in this kind of art form?

“I originally wanted to make an RPG game and would sculpt the minis for it but the game involved too many pieces. I realized I would be sculpting into infinity. I learned how to cast while making the initial game pieces. I still think that game (with the right development) would be killer.”

2. Can you talk about the first toy you created and why? What was the inspiration?

“I had been making toy and pop culture art for years. I had created a string of Masters of the Universe oil paintings but it wasn’t enough to simply paint pictures of the toys anymore. I had to make them.I had a hard time making a mold that would cast anything (which is another reason I abandoned development on the game). Molding and Casting was a lot harder than I expected. After a bunch of failed attempts, I made a mold of the easiest thing I could think of. shitty vader

I cast a little Darth Vader from the 80’s Play-Doh Star Wars play set.
There was no real inspiration. I just needed to make a simple mold that worked. “
3.What is your most favorite toy you made so far and why?
“My favorite toy that I have created is “CodeName: 86 –  Assassin Supreme” It is an 100% original sculpt by me (no bootlegged parts). It’s a double cast body that has a machine torso and glow in the dark skin. He has translucent blood red limbs that are magnetically articulated. 86 Cool PicThe packaging is a resealable clamshell blister that features my oil painting of 86. It comes with a Barbarian Rage sticker and a mini-comic book inside. 86 was based on an old Dungeons and Dragons character I used to play. This toy is me.”
86 Toy Packaging
4.What is your favorite toy growing up and why?
“That’s a really tough question… But if I had to pick, I’d say Castle Grayskull. It tied all of my He-Man toys together and gave them a world to live in. It gave the toys more depth by giving them their own universe to play in. Plus it was so big to me as a child. It was definitely my favorite Christmas gift.”motu-castle-grayskull-1982-mattel
5. Is there any exciting things you are working on or events coming up that you would like to share?
“I have been working on a comic book. I used to do little comic panels on my Instagram using some of my first original “Barbarian” toys but, this will be a full comic book. The book is based around 6 characters that I have created. I would like it to be an ongoing series, then I am going to make the toy line surrounding the comic book. It is an immense amount of work but, anything worth doing always is!Batman Vs. Superman Vs. The Audience
I will also be showing at PowerCon 2018 (He-Man Con) and I will have a booth at DesignerCon 2018! See you there!”
If you like to know more about Scott Cherry check out his website
And IG:

Man of the Moment!: DuckMan

DUCKMAN you are this month’s MAN OF THE MOMENT!!!!

Yes I am well aware you are a cartoon and you are a duck BUT you are this month’s man of the moment!

I used to watch this cartoon late at night when I was growing up. When I was a kid I thought it was a little weird to watch a cartoon so late at night only realizing years later that this cartoon was not meant for kids rather it was meant for adults. Still it was a super cool show and I got to stay up late to watch it! It was absolutely nothing like the other cartoons I would watched in the afternoons like  Mickey mouse or Porky Pig this duck had some major grown up problems.


Although I guess the only problem I had watching this was that I did wonder why Duckman didn’t have clothes on most of the time  but he wore glasses and his family members did? I never could figure that one out but that’s OK! Some mysteries in life are never meant  to be solved and this is definitely on my list of unsolved but I am totally cool with not solving them kind of mysteries.


Duckman never had a cool calm demeanor as a private detective actually he wasn’t the best at this job however he did get into some interesting dilemmas while trying to solved the crime. His pal and fellow co-detective Cornfed was the straight man in this comedy duo and was able to solved the crime in time before the show end. tumblr_oxs294HmCY1w27jeoo1_400

Yes Duckman was sometimes (or most of the time)  rude, vulgar and loud but he was also funny, honest and one of the cooler cartoons I have ever watched!




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Up and coming excitement!

There are so many coming soon and recently released movies that I am so excited to get and watch! Here are top five!

(In no particular order…)


Heathers (1988/ released date is September 9,2018 byArrow Video)- directed by Michael Lehmann and starring Winona Ryder, Christian Slater and Shannen Doherty. This dark comedy is definitely has a cult underground following. I watched this movie years ago on Netflix’s instant watch and I was immediately hook on its dark but hysterical comedic undertones package in this teen comedy.

2. 91jkoIVFyQL._SL1500_

Strait-Jacket (1964/released date 08/21/2018 by Shout! Factory)- directed by William Castle and starring Joan Crawford and Diane Baker. Joan Crawford had a lot of diva like demands while shooting this film. Like having the Pepsi logo visible whenever possible in the film since she was married to the CEO of Pepsi at the time and having the script rewritten until she approve it.

3. MOAIM.BR_.Cover_.72dpi

Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992/ released July 24, 2018 by Scream Factory) directed by John Carpenter and starring Chevy Chase and Daryl Hannah – I remember seeing commercials for this movie on channel 20 a lot when I was growing up and was kinda interested in watching it. However decades went by and I totally forgot about it until I saw that it was getting the blu-ray treatment. Better late than never to watch it when it comes out!

4. yTno3yh9uP29CmG2cCQCo4nt4fDpWb_large

Sex, lies and Videotape (1989 released date July 17,2018 by Criterion Collection) directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring Andie McDowell, and  James Spader. I was really into MTV in the late 80’s and remember this movie always being a topic of conversation on that channel but being so young at the time I could’t go to the theater to watch it. So I am  extremely happy that it is getting the CC treatment and I am old enough to watch it!

5. kcICmwHV4rQuKv6wFvElhNS6dlPr6e_large

Smithereens (1982 released date is August 21,2018 by Criterion Collection)- directed by Susan Seidelman and starring Susan Berman- I had this on my netflix queue list since 2012 (yes I am one of the netflix’s people that have more than 400 movies on there list and 200 on there unknown release date list!) so I decided it was more than the right time to get it to learn more about the subculture of the movie and wonder why it made the Criterion Collection list.

There are so many more movies that I am excited about this summer however I tried to make the list short and pick movies that may be often overlook and/or not that well known.

What are you excited to watch this summer??


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