Man of the Moment…

This week’s man of the moment is the Noid. The Noid was a little  claymation dude dress in a red  stretchy looking bunny outfit with a big N painted on it’s stomach. The Noid always tried to ambush and tries to destroy pizza. This little claymation dude made me look forward to wanting to watch commercials in the 80’s growing up.


Yes he had a little bit of an anger issue and wasn’t a fan of hot and tasty pizza.


But what he lack in charm he made up with hilarity by his failed attempts of ruining your Domino’s pizza order.


Although The Noid and the “avoid the Noid campaign didn’t last long because in 1989 a man in Atlanta had an assumption that the commercials with The Noid was a personal attack on him. The gentleman(who’s last name happen to be Noid) ended up going to a Domino’s pizza place, and holding two employees hostages for hours and making weird demands. Such as  making him pizza, needing a get away care, copies of novels and of course cash.


However The Noid will be forever ingrain in my mind as one of my favorite advertising campaigns.

There’s no avoiding you this week The Noid!



Tonight’s movie pick is not a movie but a series.


It was recently announced that season 2 of Unsolved Mysteries is steaming on Amazon Prime! This show (as with many shows) was one of my many TV obsessions growing up! See and hearing Robert Stack’s booming voice and shadowy figure made me feel like I too was a gumshoe detective.


Needless to say being older and watching the second series now I never realized how much of a sharp dresser Stack was! Always sporting Burberry trench coats, shirts, countless turtlenecks, and three piece suits made me realize that this man took his role as narrator with a serious demeanor but always with his wardrobe in check !


Until next time!


Reading Rainbow: Lady.Cult style!

I decided to start a new section in my wordpress on books. I am obsessed with reading and most of the time if I find a good book to read I tend to book binge and read for hours!  So every couple of weeks I will list five books that I have read or is in my pile to read that are lady.cult worthy.


  1. valley-of-the-dolls-2Tawdry and classy! I remember walking into Urban Outfitters and this book was on sale for $3! So I decided to give it a try and this book did not disappoint!
  2. cuoc-doi-bi-kich-cua-dien-vien-phim-18-dau-tien-tren-the-gioi Linda Lovelace side of her story about her raise and fall of frame that surrounded her must famous role in “Deep Throat.”
  3. stepford Have a sneaking suspicion that your neighbor is a robot? Well this book will only confirm your fears!
  4. VJ-cover.jpgThe early raise of MTV from the first round of VJ. It was quite interesting to hear some of the backstories of how MTV picked the first set.
  5. 9781900486880-bleeding-skull_600 My go to resource of anything related to trashy-horror in the 1980’s!

V- day movie night!

With Valentine’s Day upon us I decided to make a list of movies to watch while you snuggle up with that special someone. I decided to spice up the list a little so they are not your ordinary romantic movies.

  1. My Bloody Valentine (1981)- this is the few horror movies that is actually centered on Valentine’s Day, teens and gas masks. slasher-film-rules-my-bloody-valentine-1981-warningmy-bloody-valentine-red-sweater-4
  2. The Bride of Frankenstein (1931)- If you can’t find the perfect your soulmate go with option B. Build one! bride_of_frankenstein_091the-bride-of-frankesnstein-1935-gif
  3. Der Fan (1982)- When you want more that your favorite singer’s autograph opt to go this route.der-fan-bild-2tumblr_nh94k9olk21r0fzoyo2_1280
  4. Harold and Maude (1971)- love does not know age or limitations. Director Hal Ashby reminds us in this movie that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and the power of love.film_608w_haroldandmaude_originalharold-maude
  5. Only the lonely (1991)- Sometimes you have to grow up a little in order to fall in love. 1322only_the_lonelyonlythelonely2

A lady/retro ig: 1 lady 2 accounts

Some people have been asking me: “Clarissa I know you have the lady.cult ig but are you also the retro.cult ig ? ”


Why yes I am!

Why do I have two accounts you ask? (or I know I shouldn’t assume but if you are curious then… hold on to your monocles:D! )

My retro.cult first started as the name vintage horror ads because I was posting newspaper clippings of horror movie ads but then I realized my love for vintage everything didn’t just stop at old newspapers clippings. There were a lot of things and memories that kept popping in my head that I wanted to post but didn’t want to overload my other ig account. Thus the two accounts.

Lady.cult (more of my personality ig)

Retro.cult ( my childhood memories or nostalgic things from the past)

Although sometimes Ro-Bert M. Verbot is forced to post sometimes

Thank you for following my accounts if you do!

This is Clarissa over and out!